Spectrum Salon Pedicures in Sugar Land | Missouri City

Sugar Land Pedicures in Missouri City TX

Regular pedicures and treatments go a long way in strengthening nails and ensuring healthy growth. All pedicures include nail shaping, cuticle detail, sole conditioning, massage and polish. Only the finest products are used in our pedicures and foot treatments.

Spa Pedicure

$25 – Sea Salt Scrub, Paraffin Wax, Hot Stone & Towel
Men – $30

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

$30 – Sea Salt Scrub, Paraffin Wax, Hot Stone & Towel, Ice Mineral Marine Mask + Longer Massage!
Men – $35

Herbal Spa Pedicure

$45 – Aroma Therapy Soap, Oil, Tropical Sugar Exfoliation, Herbal Callus Care + Hot Stone Foot & Leg Massage
Men – $50

Your health, safety and well-being are important to you, Spectrum Salon and the rest of our clientele! Sanitation, disinfecting and sterilization is part of our pedicure services every day. A medical-grade autoclave is used to steam sterilize all metal instruments.

Beyond our excellent manicures and pedicures, we provide extra nail salon services to refresh all the work that has been put into your beautiful nails.